Bonding materials between with each other using thermal calendering, glue, etc. Lamination improves the thermal properties of materials, make them waterproof, make them more rigid and protect against external effects.
A good way to protect your documents, menus, business cards or passes against damage.
Lamination up to A3 format and adhesive lamination up to A4 format.


Size Price
A5|A6 (125 mic)1,00
A5|A6 (250 mic)1,60
A4 (100 -125 mic)1,50
A4 (150 -175 mic)1,70
A4 (250 mic)2,70
A4 matte (125 mic)2,20
A4 adhesive lamination (100 mic)2,70
A3 (100-150 mic)2,60
A3 (175 mic)3,00
A3 (250 mic)3,60
A3 matte (100 - 150 mic)2,70
A3 adhesive lamination4,20

Wide format matte lamination 125 mic. Maximum paper width 610 mm.

1 dm price 2,20 Eur.
Size Price
Prices, EUR incl. VAT

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