Plastic spiral

Ideal binder for technical drawings, instructions, annual reports, financial reports, school textbooks, essays, course papers, presentation material and other projects.

Binding of up to 450-page documents. The binding method allows the insertion or removal of duplicate sheets. The document is protected and further decorated by a plastic coil with an optional transparent cover and back in various colours.


Plastic spiral
Number of pages Price
from 1 to 50from 3,60
from 51 to 150from 3,85
from 151 to 250from 4,15
from 251 to 340from 4,50
from 341 to 450from 6,40
Prices, EUR incl. VAT

Spiral coil
Number of pages Price
from 1 to 50from 4,00
from 51 to 150from 4,45
from 151 to 250from 5,55
from 251 to 340from 8,20
from 341 to 450from 11,10

Prices, EUR incl. VAT

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