Other services


For a promotional flyer, a smaller size business card or an interestingly crafted leaflet to be of the right size, have appealing visual result or simply comfortable for use, they must be trimmed. Our copying centre will do it accurately and in the shortest deadlines, thanks to the experience and technical skills of our employees.




To put your material into binders, will make holes in the documents.

To make the leaflet, training materials or presentations attractive, clear and representative, it needs to be properly handled. To help our clients facilitate this task, we offer the sorting of documents according to directions and preferences.




We will take care not only for your material reproduction, binding and design but also for its safe delivery at your indicated time to your indicated address.




We crease of the paper or cardboard were it will be forwarded using special creasing machines. The paper sheet does not break or unfold along the grazing line.

Price from 0.15 Eur.




Computer work by the computer operator, layout design (file editing or preparation for release) –  5.00 Eur/15 min.

*layout production time up to 2 workdays

We can also record to CD and print a CD label.